When in Bruges…Eat Waffles.

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A photo diary of a carb-devouring, bear-spotting, and iced chocolate-sipping trip to Bruges, the quaint little medieval town that looks like a postcard come alive.

This is Part 3 of a series of posts about two adventurous girls’ budget trip through London, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Paris, with accommodation entirely, and transport partially funded by human kindness, back in June 2015. To catch up with the previous posts, read how we fled London on a shaky night bus to Brussels and how I lost my Couchsurfing virginity in Ghent.

The capital of West Flanders was only a short train ride away from our luxurious residence in Ghent, so it made for a perfect day-trip whilst our Couchsurfing host was at work.

Just like in Brussels, we let the sight of one of the towers lead us into the centre, where we grabbed a USE-IT map from a hostel, and picked a few attractions wittily recommended by locals. These included a small statue of a bear you have to look for near Jan Van Eyck Square, a lovely vintage den, and a second hand shop full of Belgian kitsch souvenir-material. Other than those, we let our noses guide us into waffle shops, and our eyes towards pretty flower arrangements on windowsills, whilst stopping at parks and crossing canals.

Loyal to our established picnic-in-a-park tradition, we enjoyed a second breakfast from the leftovers of the glorious omelette our host had prepared us that morning, which pretty much filled us until ‘lunch’; a compulsory dose of carbs acquired from fries and a waffle topped with icecream and fruit.

I found out about the existence of the Choco Jungle Bar whilst spotting a flyer in a toilet of a cafe we snuck in for a wee. Since the name included two of my favourite things, chocolate and jungle, I took it as some sort of divine sign, and convinced Maggie to seek out the place. It caused no disappointment. Having a bit of a hard time deciding between the Aztec and Mayan, hot and cold, dark and milk chocolate specialities, we ended up going halfsies on a Toffee Iced Chocolate, which was some sort of magical blend of chocolate and coffee. Oh, and we got to enjoy it inside a treehouse, overlooking a giant anaconda.

Houses in Bruges


brugge-bruges (2)

brugge-bruges (3)

brugge-bruges (4)

brugge-bruges (5)

brugge-bruges (6)

brugge-bruges (7)

Original Belgian fries, and waffle with hazelnut icecream and strawberries.
Way too many carbs, but oh so worth it.

brugge-bruges (8)


brugge-bruges (9)


Bruges Bear, an icon of the town, looking dapper for his age.
You couldn’t tell he’ll be celebrating his 600th birhtday next year.

Sporting those Lennon glasses a couple hundred years before they were cool

Niki falls ft. the belfry of Bruges



Awkward times asking strangers to take our picture


My darling Salvador excited to attend his own exhibition
(before we he found out it had closed already)


flowers-brugge-bruges (2)

choco-jungle-barTake note, ladies and gents

Iced chocolate, treehouse, friends, good times

choco-jungle-bar-brugge-bruges (2)

Obligatory afternoon nap by the canal. Alternatively, ‘Niki lies naked on a hill’


Caught off-guard admiring ducklings

Marguerite and other flowers

Do you have a favourite spot in Bruges? Let me know in a comment!

And don’t forget to check back for the next chapter of our EuroTrip, our grandiose hitchhiking endeavour to Amsterdam!

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