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Stories and tips about travelling on a budget (including hitchhiking and couchsurfing), wayfaring as a solo female traveller, and all the adventures I stumble upon in the meantime.


Take Us to Amsterdam

The story of a two-day hitchhiking adventure to Amsterdam, that proves that the world is a much better place than the media makes it out to be. (Budget EuroTrip Part Four)


When in Bruges… Eat Waffles.

A photo diary of a carb-devouring, bear-spotting, and iced chocolate-sipping trip to Bruges, the quaint little medieval town that looks like a postcard come alive. (Budget EuroTrip Part Three)


How I Lost My Couchsurfing Virginity

How would you feel if a stranger messaged you through a website, and invited you and your friend to spend a couple of nights in his house, sleeping in his bed, with the promise of a hearty breakfast on his rooftop terrace? (Budget EuroTrip Part Two)


Treasures Found Across London and Brussels

Part One of a series of posts about two adventurous girls’ budget trip through London, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Paris, with accommodation entirely, and transport partially funded by human kindness.



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