Midnight Musings

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One thing I constantly, perpetually, unfailingly do is think. I think, then I overthink, then I contemplate a little more, before I ponder, speculate, and finally, reflect. It seems like my brain never wants to shut up. Whether I’m in the shower or doing my dishes, or tripping over roots on my run in the woods, countless thoughts race in my head about what was and what may be, a replay of a conversation or experience I recently had, what I want to make out of this life. I wonder why a particular thing happens or what I should have for second breakfast. Why that guy didn’t text me back or why I had to impulsively chop my hair off on a February morning. And I figured the only thing I can do to stop these thoughts from driving me crazy is to bungee jump deep into Speculation Valley right next to Mt. Overthink, and write everything out that lurks in the back of my mind, all the time, but mostly, at midnight.

If you fancy joining me in this brain-picking adventure, then fasten your seat belts, and get comfortable, because a plethora of brutally honest writings are about to come about this strange thing we call life, dreamy or failed attempts at relationships and dating mishaps, endeavours at accepting and loving myself, or whatever the hell I’ve been thinking about lately.


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