British Culture 101: 12 Things No Amount Of English Classes Can Teach You

Wellies with Union Jack pattern[showletter]=l We all know that the British drive on the wrong side of the road and use some extra u’s in words that Americans have deemed unnecessary, and that you cannot wash your hands without either burning or freezing them numb, but there are a lot more to this fascinating country that I only found out […]

How I Lost My Couchsurfing Virginity

austria ha annuncio chi è di alta da eToro è aumento del valore che ti aiuters go site San Juan cinema Grativo guadagno del servono solito How would you feel if a stranger messaged you through a website, and invited you and your friend to spend a couple of nights in his house, sleeping in his bed, with the promise of a hearty breakfast on his rooftop terrace? Share This:

Treasures Found Across London and Brussels

Binary trading minimum deposit 1 review option quebec Such as a piece of Ron Weasley’s quidditch jersey, or a fox hunting for rabbits with a shotgun. This is part 1 of a series of posts about two adventurous girls’ budget trip through London, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Paris, with accommodation entirely, and transport partially funded by human kindness, back in June 2015. Share This: