British Culture 101: 12 Things No Amount Of English Classes Can Teach You

Wellies with Union Jack pattern

andamento euro dollaro binarie We all know that the British drive on the wrong side of the road and use some extra u’s in words that Americans have deemed unnecessary, and that you cannot wash your hands without either burning or freezing them numb, but there are a lot more to this fascinating country that I only found out […]

A Letter to My Past Self

2014 me and 2017 me next to each other

sächsische zeitung dresden er sucht sie Dear 2014 Niki, You don’t know this yet, but three and a half years from now, you’ll be standing in this exact same spot, happily clutching on to your final hand-in receipt. Your huge portfolio will have shrunk into a website, and while you’ll have lost that favourite yellow scarf of yours on a night […]