Costume in Frida Kahlo’s Art: A Representation of Post-Revolutionary Nationalist Ideology, Mexican Female Indigeneity, and Mestizo Identity

Frida Kahlo by Nickolas Muray

go to link On this day in 1907, legendary artist, feminist icon, and extraordinary woman, Frida Kahlo was born, whose worldwide popularity has been on the rise ever since the early nineties. Her art, personal narrative, disability-stricken and tragedy-enduring, yet fully, passionately lived life has captivated many hearts after biographies have been published about her – no wonder […]

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Dinner with a Dysfunctional Family: Festen at the Arts University Bournemouth (Review) An academic theatre review I wrote as part of my scenography unit last year – it now serves as great inspiration for a similarly minimalistic (and disturbing) play I’m currently designing for, Marlowe’s Edward II. Share This:

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